Team Coaching

Dr. A also provides team coaching. His team is designed to provide your organization with broad, comprehensive support. Team coaching is not just training a few executives. It helps each member of the team see their role in the entire corporate culture. They will learn how to be accountable and responsible for their team’s results. The team will learn more effective communication.

Team coaching looks at task, process, stakeholder, organization, and system — individually and as part of the organization.

We support leaders of the team to effectuate the goals of the team within the broader goals of the organization. Dr A will sit in on meetings, observe and discreetly assess the roles of each member. Dr A will process strengthens and challenges of a group’s “teamwork muscle” so that members will expand and grow with the needs of the organization.

Some of the areas that can be addressed are: team building; the use of emotional intelligence; networking; harnessing energy; bridging the gap in gender difference; power and persuasion; advocacy; goal attainment, completion, and profitability.

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