Executive Coaching

Dr. A works with individuals and groups. His approach is unique in that he uses scientific testing tools to first assess the strengths and areas of that need enhancement. He then applies the principles of positive psychology.

Dr. A has met the one the great Big Ten Coaches and athletic directors. He asked him, “What is a leader?” The coach states, “A leader is someone that can take a group of divergent persons and work toward a common goal.” This leader is expected to effectuate and have an impact on performance and results, given unanticipated obstacles.

Executive coaching facilitate: leadership; conflict resolution; creative thinking; strategic planning.

Your Agreement

We will schedule regular meetings via telephone, video conferencing, or in person. Our agreement will detail the services, duration of the coaching relationship, and fees. Confidentiality of our arrangement is paramount! We shall not discuss the coaching arrangement with anyone, unless agreed upon in writing.

Coaching Works! The research in coaching demonstrates that you or your organization will have an increase in goal attainment. We shall be measuring the progress with specificity and objectively.

Some of your personal goals may include getting a better job, advancement within your career, stress reduction, rejuvenating your career, receiving a raise, promotion or starting your own business.

Along with executive coaching, personal health coaching may be indicated. Dr A works closely with Sharon Fecho, a health and wellness coach. Ms. Fecho can work with clients who want to lose weight, exercise more, reduce stress and sleep better. Fecho’s record of improving clients’ health is remarkable. I am one of Ms. Fecho’s clients.  Through her coaching, I lost 30 pounds and obtained a higher level of energy in my career.


Dr A will explore, through scientific tools, important variables such as your functioning in your current job; relationships; environment; mind/body/spirit; and finances.

  • Job: Are you satisfied with your job?  Do you want to change jobs? Do you want to advance in your current job?  Do you want to change careers?  Do you want to start your own business?
  • Relationships? What is your relationship with your supervisor or co-workers? Do you have a support system?
  • Environment: Do you have “retreat” at your home? Do you have a sense of style in your clothing?  Do you try to create beauty around yourself with art, music, or flowers?
  • Spirit/Body/Mind: Do you have a sense of spirituality? Do you  eat nutritiously and exercise? A referral to health coach Fecho will be transformative!
  • Finances: Do you save money?   Do you give to charity?  Do you have six months of living expenses?  Do you have a current financial statement?


In concert with Dr A, you will design goals. A specific action-based plan will be developed. The goals will be, measurable, realistic, and obtainable.


Executive coaching involves the science of positive psychology. It involves the use of scientific measurement tools. One of the well accepted tests is the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). There are 16 personality types. Knowing your personality type and how it promotes or interferes with your goals are critical. Are you an extravert or an introvert? Do you sense or are you intuitive? Are you a thinker or feeler? Do you like things settled or do you options to be kept open (Judging or Perceiving)? Other assessment tools may include: Creatix; EQ Learning in Action; Global executive leadership; FIRO-B; StrengthFinder 2.0; and 360 CLQ.

Questionnaires help: What are you goals? Who can help you achieve these goals? How do people view me? What are my strengths? What are my areas that need to be developed? What are my values? Am I happy, positive, and optimistic? Do I manage time well? Am I engaged in the community? Do I feel strong emotionally?

Referral Network

Dr. A has a referral network of highly competent attorneys, accountants, investment advisers, therapists, and physicians for appropriate referrals.  Connectivity to the best professionals is a must to achieve one’s optimal level.

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