About Us

Dr. Appleman (Dr A) has been a successful execute coach for 20 years. Not only an executive coach, but Appleman was CEO of four successful companies: a mental health center, an MRI company, a real estate company, and fine art gallery. Through education, experience, and overcoming obstacles, Dr A has the education and experience to launch his clients to reach greater heights.

Dr A will motivate and inspire you in achieving your goals through scientific and systematic assessment. He will guide and lead you to the development of an action plan. During the entire process, we will measure the outcomes of your success.

Why Hire Dr A?

Dr A will take you, your team, or organization to greater heights through a multi-disciplinary approach. Dr. A has:

  • 20 years of successful executive coaching experience
  • Founded and was CEO of four successful companies
  • Training in scientific assessment tools to help leaders profoundly understand their personality types, strengths, and areas of future development
  • A multi-disciplinary approach using positive psychology and health professionals
  • Published books and authored dozen of philanthropic articles
  • Incorporated a proven, scientific balanced approach to career, family, personal, financial and emotional well-being.