Sharon’s Story

As one of six children (five sisters and a brother), I was raised in the small town of Kaukauna, Wisconsin. My parents, Ken and Barbara, gave of us children unconditional love that inspired and inculcated uniqueness, authenticity, personal growth, and a compassion for others.

My childhood creative outlets were painting, ceramics, and dance. I performed recitals for our neighbors and the local dance studio. I was the high school business representative at Appleton Department store.  I integrated my art proclivities and business acumen that define my persona today.

With a Bachelor of Science in business merchandising, University of Wisconsin, Stout, I became a buyer for Dayton Hudson (now Macy’s). I have successfully launched  multiple companies: retail fashion, personal wardrobing, and designer handbags.  I was the principal owner of an exercise franchise.

As personal trainer and health coach, I have guided over 1200 persons to their optimal health- and   I can do the same for you!  A healthier executive feels better, is a keener leader, and is more intellectually focused.